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Argent Aqua’s Story

Argent Aqua jewellery is designed for everyone who loves nature, the ocean or the great outdoors. Wearing a piece of Argent Aqua’s fine jewellery also identifies you as someone who can recognise and appreciate high quality, handmade goods. It is made in a small workshop in the English countryside and shipped to collectors across the world using insured & recorded post.

All of the Argent Aqua jewellery is hand made using traditional skills and I hope you will find it is far higher quality than the mass-produced pieces sold in many high street stores. All of the silver jewellery I make is crafted from solid Sterling Silver (silver with a purity of at least 92.5%). It does not contain any lead or other harmful materials. I do my best to insure all the raw materials I use have been sourced responsibly and I always price my work honestly.

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